Your first step is the most important.

I am glad you have taken an important step to see if counseling is right for you. Change can be incredibly challenging at times and I applaud your courage and desire to grow. I believe a therapeutic relationship built on trust and respect is the foundation for change and growth to occur. The counseling process is creative, dynamic and deeply personal and it would be my honor to be included in your journey.

We are in this together.

Your issues, concerns, personal history, and worldview will guide our work together. We will work collaboratively to find answers to your questions, deepen your self-awareness, and improve your wellness and relationships. I will strive to help you find balance in your life using a holistic, integrative approach to highlight your strengths and help you achieve your goals. Our therapeutic relationship will be based on empathy, respect, mutual trust, compassion, and focused on your growth. Our work together can include talk therapy, relaxation techniques, mindfulness meditation, home practice, and exercise.   It would be my privilege to work with you to help you find your balance and happiness.

Individual sessions are 60 or 75 minutes in length.

60 minute session – $150.00

75 minute session – $175.00

We will typically start with weekly or bi-weekly sessions depending upon your unique needs. As counseling progresses we will start to fade out the time between sessions. Custom sessions and packages are available including evenings, weekends and individual intensive work. Our time together will be determined on a case by case basis.